Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design, Video Edition

While at one of my previous clients, a coworker ordered this book as a resource at the office. I was the first to read it and simply couldn't put it down. Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design highlights modern CSS techniques that help build robust, attractive, designs.

Unlike most technical books, which often provide too much tech and not enough explanation, or too much theory and not enough tech, this book provides a fantastic balance, and even uses a running case study that it builds and enhances as the reader progresses through the book. Not only are readers able to understand the concepts the book presents, but they also learn ways to put the new concepts into practice.

One of the important points the book emphasizes is progressive enrichment, or designing for the future. CSS3 is complete enough that some of its features can already be used in modern browsers, which already provides us with a way to create beautiful designs that don't require much, if any (let alone extensive) use of images or JavaScript -- nearly everything can be done entirely in CSS. The principles of progressive enrichment put forth in the book allow developers to write forward-thinking code, creating designs that will essentially self-improve as browsers implement more CSS capabilities.

Another unique aspect to the book is that not only can it be easily read cover-to-cover without being too dry and code-saturated, but it also serves very well as a desktop reference. The chapters and sections are organized in an easy-to-access manner and cover, in fair depth, specific features of CSS (as opposed to more broad subjects encompassing several features).

This book is a must-have for intermediate to advanced CSS coders, be they designers or developers, and even beginning coders that are serious in learning how to write robust, forward-thinking, and semantic code.